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Services | Assistance

Within this activity, we specialise in the roadside assistance and rescue of heavy vehicles, and the repatriation of these vehicles from anywhere in Europe.

Our company location means that we can give a prompt service to the road network in our area, as these roads are used by heavy vehicles. We also provide international coverage.

Ask for a no-obligation quote for the removal of any vehicle in Europe.

We will pick up your vehicle following breakdown or accident. The freight can either be delivered on arrival or, alternatively, the vehicle and its freight can be stored until its destination is known.

We have special vehicles for towing all types of vehicle (heavy trucks, light vehicles, coaches, etc.) and a roadside car-workshop service.


Pol. Ind. Ergoien, Pabellón 516 // 20130 URNIETA (Gipuzkoa) // Telf.: (0034) 943 100 101 // Fax: (0034) 943 550 808 // kuluxka@gruaskuluxka.com