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Established in the spring of 1997, KULUXKA started out in business in freight haulage and hoisting for the construction sector, which was a booming industry at that time. After two years of hard work, Kuluxka expanded its business to include roadside assistance and rescue for industrial vehicles, the transportation and movement of all types of machinery, and national and international transportation using tow trucks, attracting a number of professionals from the tow-truck and transportation sector to form Grúas y Asistencia Kuluxka, S.L. in 2002.

Pol. Ind. Ergoien, Pabellón 516 // 20130 URNIETA (Gipuzkoa) // Telf.: (0034) 943 100 101 // Fax: (0034) 943 550 808 // kuluxka@gruaskuluxka.com